There are specific requirements for entering school in WV. The requirements follow the recommendations of CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics.
FOR PRESCHOOL:  Dtap--4 doses; IPV--3 doses; HIB-4 doses; Hepatitis B-3 doses; MMR--1 dose; Varicella (chickenpox)-1 or documentation of disesase; Hepatitis A-2 doses. Preschool students also need Well Child Check and Dental Screening prior to beginning school and certified birth certificate (from state in which born--county birth certificate not acceptable).
FOR KINDERGARTEN: Dtap-5 doses; IPV-4doses; HIB-4doses; Hepatitis B-3 doses; MMR-2 doses; Varicella (chickenpox)-2 doses or documentation of disease; Hepatitis A-2 doses. Kindergarten students also need a Well Child Check and certified birth certificate.
OUT OF STATE TRANSFER STUDENTS :In addition to above records, out of state transfer students need to have a PPD (tuberculin skin test). These are given at Tucker County Health Department (304) 478-3572 on Mondays or you may contact the school nurse. This skin test must be administered BEFORE student may attend school.

Click here for link to obtain a Birth Certificate in WV